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We provide a large number of service which including caprtet deep cleaning, regular or one time cleaning, End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning, removing mold, business cleaning services.

Our cleaning service has been providing services to expats since the year 2000. We provided cleaning services to the British Military, government officials, expats, embassies and international companies. We currently providing services to property management companies in The Hague and Rotterdam areas.

Interested in more information? For free quotes and advice contact us here or call 06 33 255 713. 

Our special offers has ended as of 18 Aug 2017. For all those who have purchased cleaning vouchers or pre booked our services, not to worry because you have a fixed price as of the date of sale or booking.

Our fixed carpet deep cleaning prices based on 49.00 Euro per room/area.  Rooms/areas are calculated for any in-house room or area size. This means:

  • 1 room cost 49.00 Euro to deep clean the carpets.
  • 1 flight of stairs from top step to the bottom step is also 49.00 Euro.
  • The landing or flat area before or after the stairs is also 49.00 Euro, but in many cases if this is quite small there will be a reduced fee.
  • Any carpeted areas in the house which is not a room is also 49.00. 

These prices are for apartments and houses only. Offices and other buildings are calculated at the location. 

Our carpet deep cleaning prices are as follows:

Rooms/ areas                    Cost - Euro

         2                                      98.00     

         3                                     147.00

         4                                     196.00

         5                                      245.00

         6                                      294.00

         Special offer for 9 rooms/ areas for 415.00 Euro.      

         Rooms /areas above 9 can be negotiated. 


For commercial clients regarding B2B services, please contact us regarding our business offers. You can contact us for all your general cleaning and deep cleaning needs 7 days per week. 

Call 0633255713  or email

Dust Mite Allergies 

This has become a common illness affecting about 20 million people in the USA alone. With these numbers we can safely say that globally we are looking at an astronomical numbers of people who are dealing with this issue. 

But all is not lost. As a sufferer myself, I already know the problems caused by just a little bit dust in the air and how my body reacts to it in the home.

It is clearly not possible to remove all the dust and able to function normal so this will cover services that we offer to help reduce symptoms and can be done on a regular basis.

We offer a full in-house cleaning service which help ease the symptoms associated with this allergy.


Regentesselaan 15C
2562 CM, The Hague

Phone: +31 (0) 633 255 713